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We are putting finance at the service of climate.
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Join a fast
growing organization

Launched in 2020, Reclaim Finance has already established itself as a reference on finance and climate issues.

Change the rules
of the game

We wish to put the financial system at the service of sustainable societies. Our method: gaining ground, step by step.

Exceed yourself
on a daily basis

We are transforming hard-skinned institutions. Get up every day with the desire to challenge yourself, to find solutions and new ways to achieve our goals.

Rally a united team
and network

Like Canopée Forêts vivantes and ANV-COP21/Alternatiba, we are affiliated to the Friends of the Earth France federation. With our international partners, we fight for social and climate justice.

Fight with integrity
and non-violence

We are a campaigning NGO that works with many representatives of the financial sector. Our best weapons to shift the balance of power: denounce and convince.

France press relations

Your mission : Work closely with the team to define the short and medium term media strategy, with the goal of maximizing press exposure for key campaign moments; Identify and make the most of communication moments and hot spots, including leveraging breaking news. Permanent contract- Paris.

Financial institutions policy analyst internship / apprenticeship

Your mission : Research, analyze and evaluate sectoral policies (coal, oil and gas) adopted by international financial actors. Internship (4-6 months) / apprenticeship – Paris.

International regulation

Your mission : to develop and implement a strategy to ensure that the bodies in charge of European and international regulations and standards in the field of extra financial reporting (EU institutions, French authorities, EFRAG) integrate our demands regarding energy transition, in particular in relation to the financing of fossil fuels. Permanent contract- Paris.

Digital communication internship

Your mission : Develop our activity on Reclaim Finance social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). In particular, you will participate in the development of the YouTube and Facebook strategy, as well as the development of Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn content. You will work within the communication team, under the supervision of the social media manager. Internship – Paris.

Central Banks Campaign

Your mission: design and implement activities to engage civil society groups – including NGOs, grassroot activists, industry bodies, financial institutions – to push the European Central Bank (ECB) and Eurosystem to decarbonize its operations and contribute to a clean energy transition. Permanent contract – Paris.