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Reclaim Finance was founded in March 2020 with one simple mission: making finance work for the climate. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength, expanding our team as we strive to shift the world’s largest financial institutions away from fossil fuels. We now number close to 20 staff members across research and campaigning, communications and administration. Our team, directed by Goldman prize winner Lucie Pinson, has backgrounds in a variety of sectors – such as finance, public administration, non-profits and law – and is united by our desire for a financial system working for people and planet. Headquartered in Paris, we have employees around the world from London to California.

Our staff team is supported by an experienced Board of Directors, who have together spent more than 60 years working in NGOs on environmental and climate finance issues.

The team

<b>Lucie Pinson</b>
Lucie PinsonFounder
& Executive Director
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<b> Elinor Rafaelli </b>
Elinor Rafaelli Administration & Operations
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<b>Chloé Görgün</b>
Chloé GörgünAdministration Officer
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<b>Angus Satow</b>
Angus SatowMedia Communications
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<b>Teïssir Ghrab</b>
Teïssir GhrabDigital Communications
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<b>Lara Cuvelier</b>
Lara CuvelierSustainable Investments
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<b>Paul Schreiber</b>
Paul Schreiber Regulation & Central Banks
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<b>Alix Mazounie</b>
Alix MazounieRegulation
of Financial Institutions
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 <b> Pablo<br />
Felmer Roa </b>
Felmer Roa
Campagne Juridique
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Research & Analysis

<b>Yann Louvel</b>
Yann LouvelSenior Financial Institutions' Policy Analyst
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<b>Andrea Hernandez </b>
Andrea Hernandez Research & Prospective Analysis
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<b> Clément Faul </b>
Clément Faul Financial Institutions'
Policy Analyst
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<b> Paddy McCully </b>
Paddy McCully Senior Analyst
Energy Transition
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<b>Henri Her</b>
Henri HerAnalyst of the Energy Sector
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<b>Ryan Cooper </b>
Ryan Cooper Analyst of Institutions' Financing and Investment
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<b> Maude Lentilhac </b>
Maude Lentilhac Junior Analyst
of Financial Institutions' Policies
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The board

<b>Heffa Schücking</b>
Heffa Schücking
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<b>Sébastien Godinot</b>
Sébastien Godinot
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<b>Kathrin Gutmann</b>
Kathrin Gutmann
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Who’s funding us

Our main source of funding comes from private foundations for projects we have decided to run, and from individual donations. Reclaim Finance is independent of companies, political parties and religious organisations. Your individual donations allow us to maintain this independence and to build more campaigns.

You have confidence in Reclaim Finance and we thank you for that!