NEWS OF THE DAY: New Asset-Owner Alliance Target Setting Protocol: insufficient half measures

Our Vision

A financial sector that supports the transition to sustainable societies that preserve
ecosystems and satisfy people’s basic needs.


We conduct research on financial institutions’ practices, how they support or hinder ecological transition, and the needed measures to address climate emergency.


We meet with financial and political decision makers to present our recommendations, and we support those who want to make a change in transforming their practices.


We publicly expose financial institutions who hinder climate-related regulations, and whose practices violate human rights and destroy the environment.


Oil & Gas Policy Tracker

An analysis tool for oil and gas policies

More and more banks, insurers and investors are implementing policies to restrict support to the oil and gas industry. But are these policies robust enough?

To better understand the climate commitments of financial actors, this tool provides a comparative analysis of their policies regarding the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

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