Reclaim Finance has passed the one year mark, working towards one sole aim: making finance work for the climate.
Our research on the underbelly of green finance and the measures needed to turn theory into practice, our public revelations on the lobbying and doublespeak of some financial groups, have all borne fruit. Not to mention the long hours spent exchanging and negotiating with these financial actors.
We have shifted the goalposts.
We are proud to boast of many victories: already more than a dozen French and international financial actors have adopted robust policies to get out of coal. Oil and gas companies are facing tougher rules for their financing. Climate change is on the agenda of central banks. The first policies to curb investment in soy-related deforestation are emerging.
As we know, money is the lifeblood of war. That is why we believe that financial actors must be equal to the climate emergency and stop all support which exacerbates the overexploitation of natural resources.
Climate commitments are all the rage these days, yet very few actors are really facing up to the challenge we face. As a civil society base of counter-power, we are duty-bound to denounce the insufficient actions being taken, to draw attention back to the scientific imperatives and to expose the real-world impacts of financial actors’ activities.
If the path ahead is still rocky, the arrival of the upcoming AGMs of financial groups and energy companies must mark a decisive step on the road to COP26 in Glasgow.
We cannot make commitments on behalf of financial actors, but we can make you a promise: to never give up and to fight harder than ever to make finance work for the climate.
To this end, our team is growing. On the occasion of our first anniversary, we would like to show you the faces of the people who fight every day for a fair and sustainable society.
Lucie Pinson
Founder and Executive Director, Reclaim Finance
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