Through our work, we are currently pursuing three crucial goals to avoid climate chaos:

Stop the expansion of fossil fuels

The oil and gas industry is still planning to increase the production of hydrocarbons, in complete contradiction with the climate emergency.

Reclaim Finance is fighting for the financial players to stop being complicit in the tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes..

Exit coal for good

Coal remains a health and climate scourge and we have only a few years to close thousands of coal-related mines and power plants.

Reclaim Finance is fighting for financial players to adopt coal exit policies that can meet this challenge.

Making money work for climate

Central banks, a pillar of our financial system, continue to ignore climate issues. Even more troubling, central banks support the worst polluters.

Reclaim Finance is fighting to stop central banks from contributing to the climate crisis and pushes them to become active players in the fight against climate change.