We work closely with a wide range of institutions, social movements and solidarity NGOs, human rights and environmental NGOs, think tanks, consulting firms and academics from around the world.

Reclaim Finance is a non-profit organisation affiliated with Friends of the Earth France. We belong to the Friends of the Earth Federation. This international network brings together organisations from 75 countries working to achieve greater environmental justice. In France, Canopée Forêts Vivantes, ANV-COP21, Alternatiba, Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire and Bizi! are also affiliated to Friends of the Earth France.

We work closely together with the national branch of Friends of the Earth France which runs a campaign to stop French banks from financing fossil fuels.

Reclaim Finance is a member of the Europe Beyond Coal campaign. The campaign brings together 43 organisations working to get Europe out of coal as quickly as possible, by 2030 at the latest. The campaign warns of the health, environmental and climate damage caused by coal and calls for a fair exit from coal that takes into account the rights of workers and affected communities.

Reclaim Finance is a member of the Insure Our Future campaign, formerly Unfriend Coal, which aims to make coal and other fossil fuels uninsurable. Campaign members are coordinating their efforts to push an increasing number of insurers and reinsurers to stop insuring new coal projects or companies active in these sectors.

Reclaim Finance is a member of the Fund our Future campaign, which aims to pressure the UK’s biggest financial players to align their business practices with a fair and habitable future. Fund Our Future will hold the UK’s financial institutions to account by increasing pressure on their customers, employees, regulators, and in the media until they become truly responsible actors.

Reclaim Finance is a member of Change Finance, a network of non-profit organizations and activists from more than 67 countries and six continents. The coalition campaigns for a financial system serving people and the planet that is democratically governed and stable.