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Finance is at the heart of our economic system. Without it, no activity would be possible. Yet, despite all the good will — conspicuous or sincere — of financial institutions on sustainability, the majority of finance is fuelling the climate catastrophe.
President François Hollande once proclaimed that "the enemy is the world of finance". But it is not. The enemy is what I call the Culture of Defeat.
Perhaps the greatest ill of our societies is destroying the living and our environments, but rather making us believe that we cannot change anything. What can we do facing hierarchy, competition, capitalism, “the system,” human nature…? Everyone has their reasons for thinking they are powerless; everyone has an impassible mountain before which they feel small.
We can win the climate war, but only if we do not remain a mere witness or extra to the climate catastrophe. There is nothing inevitable about it. How do you climb an impassable mountain? One step at a time.
The Goldman Environmental Prize, awarded to 6 individuals each year, demonstrates that each of us can achieve the landmark victories necessary to win the climate war. Yes, the world is not doing well. It's up to all of us to say no. Let us not be trapped by the culture of defeat slowly killing us. Every time someone takes a step forward, it brings us closer to winning the climate war.
Lucie Pinson
Founder and CEO 
Reclaim Finance is proud to announce that its founder and CEO, Lucie Pinson, is receiving the Goldman Environmental Prize for her work in favor of stopping financing to the coal sector.
Goldman Environmental Prize:
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Insurers’ continued retreat from coal is making it harder and more expensive to secure insurance for coal projects, but much like Axa, the rest of the industry fails to act on oil and gas. 
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2020 Scorecard on Insurance 
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Urgewald released a new update to the “Global Coal Exit List” (GCEL), the world’s most comprehensive database of companies operating along the thermal coal value chain. In France, the main competitor against Urgewald’s GCEL is Trucost, used by the French banking federation. Reclaim Finance exposes the US data provider’s weaknesses and calls on all French financial institutions to use the GCEL. 
Several organisations, including Reclaim Finance, have released a new briefing about the risks that banks and investors would face should they decide to support Total’s EACOP pipeline project in Africa. Reclaim Finance calls on banks not to finance the project which illustrates Total’s unwillingness to align itself on a 1.5°C trajectory. 

 Reclaim Finance published a analysis note on the Climate Benchmarks used by the EU.
With its “benchmarks regulation” the European Union wishes to create a common basis of minimum criteria to meet for “green” financial indices, and thus contribute to making finance compatible with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
In an opinion made public on November 25, 2020, the EU Ombudswoman considers that the Commission failed to take the necessary steps to prevent a conflict of interest when awarding BlackRock a contract regarding the integration of ESG criteria into European banking regulations.
The Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance recently released its position paper on thermal coal. The alliance acknowledges the need for early retirement of existing coal power assets, but allows the building of new coal capacity. 
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