Why Reclaim Finance ?
Our Vision
Both NGO and Think Tank
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Why Reclaim Finance ?

Climate change is accelerating, with increasingly violent impacts threatening the lives of thousands of people and species. If nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the victims will soon be in the millions.

We are convinced that finance is a critical lever in the fight against climate change. But today, mainstream finance remains at the opposite end of the spectrum from social and climate justice objectives. Contrary to what the growing popularity of sustainable finance might suggest, almost all financial services are geared towards practices that depend on the consumption of fossil fuels and the overexploitation of natural resources.

Moreover, there is no evidence that the new tools of so-called green finance translate into actual transformation in the real world, particularly in terms of GHG emissions reduction.

In the context of the climate emergency and biodiversity loss, one of our main missions is to help accelerate the decarbonization of financial flows. Reclaim Finance intends to act as a citizen counterweight in order to eliminate the impression that current action is sufficient. We track and analyse the activities of financial institutions and expose the real impacts of their activities.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a financial system that supports the transition to sustainable societies that preserve ecosystems and satisfy people’s basic needs.

We speak out against the negative impacts caused by certain financial institutions. We address these impacts and push for changes by pressuring these institutions and requiring political decision makers to change existing laws and practices. Our campaigns include recommendations and guidelines supported by recognised expertise.

Our approach is radical and pragmatic. While we do not intend to turn mainstream finance upside down, our objective is to limit its most harmful impacts by tackling targeted problems until we achieve measures with a real positive impact.

Both NGO and Think Tank !

We are both an NGO and a think tank. On one hand, we put our expertise at the service of financial institutions and political decision makers who wish to transform their existing practices in order to align them with ecological imperatives. On the other hand, it is urgent to act, and small steps are not sufficient. This requires that as an NGO we lead campaigns pointing out the financial institutions responsible for the climate crisis and those behind good and bad practices.


We conduct research on financial institutions’ practices, how they support or hinder ecological transition, and the needed measures to address climate emergency.


We meet with financial and political decision makers to present our recommendations, and we support those who want to make a change in transforming their practices.


We publicly expose financial institutions who hinder climate-related regulations, and whose practices violate human rights and destroy the environment.

A Member of Friends of the Earth France

Reclaim Finance is a non-profit organisation affiliated with Friends of the Earth France. We belong to the Friends of the Earth Federation. This international network brings together organisations from 75 countries working to achieve greater environmental justice.

We work closely together with the national branch of Friends of the Earth France. It works on multiple campaigns, including one to stop French banks from financing fossil fuels. Reclaim Finance focuses 100% on finance and covers the complete financial sector: banks, insurers, investors, central banks and rating agencies.

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