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With the AGMS of the most polluting companies looming, some of them are no longer reticent to hold forth on the fantastical benefits of gas or biomass, energy sources whose development will only aggravate the climate crisis.
Shell, for example, announced that it will put its climate strategy to a vote of shareholders. This strategy isn’t aligned with the scientific recommendations to limit warming to 1.5°C and doesn’t respond to a single one of the issues raised by investors engaged on climate.
And yet, far from subject to opprobrium, Shell has been hailed by its shareholders, excited at the prospect of seeing their leader take the plunge by undertaking its “Say on Climate”.
Its strategy is a recipe for disaster? Who cares. It looks good and, in this climate theater, appearing somewhat “green” is worth more than a real reduction in emissions - those daring to protest will not be welcomed.
The stakes are high. Shell could be imitated, notably by Total which in undertaking a name change wants to paper over the poverty of its climate commitments. To ward off bad luck, we’ll run it all through with you in this latest newsletter.
Lucie Pinson
Founder and Executive Director, Reclaim Finance
Our report with Greenpeace France reveals Total's rebrand is just more spin - the French oil giant is still planning on a dangerous expansion of its fossil fuel production.
We call on financial actors to submit a new, strong climate resolution to its AGM.
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The NGFS scenarios have dangerous shortcomings. The analysis, shows that they could cause a slowdown in the fight against climate change and an increase in the associated financial risks.
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New groundbreaking research shows that financial institutions’ net-zero commitments aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, if they’re not accompanied by comprehensive, immediate coal exit policies.
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While climate resolutions are gaining ground, another initiative has risen that may well stall this momentum: the Say on Climate.
On February 11, Governor Villeroy developed the Banque de France’s proposals for integrating climate issues into the work of the European Central Bank (ECB).
Europe's biggest carbon emitter - German energy giant RWE - is actually suing the Netherlands for its mandatory coal phase-out policy. 
Aviva announces it will divest from all companies which make more than 5% of their revenue from coal unless they have signed up to the SBTi.
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